No matter what life throws at you, whether a professional transfer to another city or renovation work in your own apartment, with temporary accommodation you will find a way of living giving you professional and private independence away from the boring hotel room décor.

Our apartments are fully furnished and therefore perfect for you, if you do not want to buy your own furniture, dishes etc. for a lot of money.

You just have to move in. Everything else is already taken care of by us, such as internet, TVor electricity contracts.

Fast move-in, short terms of notice and comfortable facilities.

Is temporary accommodation interesting for me?

Temporary accommodation for private reasons

Private reasons can speak for temporary accommodation. Sometimes you quickly need a temporary retreat to create a spatial distance and to find yourself anew.

Large fridge instead of minibar

You have lived abroad for a while, are now returning to Germany and would like to search in peace and without pressure for a new suitable apartment for your long-term arrangements?
In the long run staying at the hotel in an often sober and sterile furnished room seems rather unattractive. In the morning you will be awakened by the vacuum cleaner noise from the next room, the refrigerator size does not offer any space other than the minibar content and visitors are possible, but with limitations – not a suitable retreat, not the desired privacy and not to mention the immense cost.

Cozy living
instead of a boring hotel room

Statt langweiligem Hotelzimmer-Charme bietet Ihnen eine möblierte Wohnung auf Zeit oder die fix und fertig eingerichtete Wohnung mit flexibler Kündigungsfrist (4 Wochen vor Auszug) die ideale Wohn-Lösung, noch dazu behaglich und schön ausgestattet.

Apartment fire or water damage – where to go with the family?

Even mild fire or water damage at home will render apartment uninhabitable for a few weeks and will require a temporary stay in another accommodation. The hotel for the whole family is definitely too expensive and does not provide the comfort you need. How about a furnished and fully equipped apartment and the move-in is possible tomorrow?

Project work – everything is “asap” – even living

Your employer informed you in the morning meeting that you should take over the management of a project in Rhineland-Palatinate starting next week. There is not much time. Here you or your boss can quickly and inexpensively book a tastefully furnished apartment, which adapts flexibly to your rental period.

Stress in a relationship
Temporary accommodation creates a remedy

Week after week only disputes and stress in the relationship? Your shared apartment offers you no retreat and your daily life together does not let you see the silver lining. Just take a break! Maybe a furnished apartment is enough, inexpensive and not far away from your employer. And who knows, the brief distance will flare up the relationship again.


There are many reasons why a temporary furnished apartment may be interesting for you!

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